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Selling your home in Winter

by Mitchells

While spring is the most active time of year in the property market in England, it would be fair to say the market is a year-round occurrence. The emergence of online property portals allows buyers to search for homes anywhere, as long as they have an internet connection. Therefore, buyers are showing an interest every month of the year, and buyers can sell in winter. Of course, capturing the attention of buyers poses to be more challenging in the cold and dark winter months, but we are more than happy to offer tips on selling your home during this time.

First impressions
are lasting impressions

A first impression is always important, especially to buyers when looking for a new home. The outside of your home is an easy target of winter weather, so focusing on this area is a must. It is very common for pathways and drives to appear dull and drab in the winter, so be sure to sweep and clean any leaves or dirt from the front of your home for a more appealing first impression.

First impressions count when selling your home with Mitchells

Allow as much natural light into the home as possible

Natural light is essential when selling your home, particularly at a time of year when the amount of natural light is diminished. If you can offer viewings during the daytime, do so, as this will enable prospective buyers to see the home in the best manner.

Inside the house, make sure you remove anything which stops light from entering and filling a room. Make sure you clear windowsills, pull back curtains, raise the blinds and move all items which block light around the window.

Keep your garden looking lively

Your garden is another main target when bad weather strikes and is very easy to let get out of hand in the winter. Buyers can be easily put off from a property if it appears the garden is too out-of-shape and requires too much work, so be sure to keep on top of basic garden maintenance to keep it looking healthy. Cutting back branches and bushes and giving the lawn a quick mow is an easy way to do this (even if it is cold!).

Style for the season

Styling your home to reflect the season is a great way to welcome the winter and create a cosy atmosphere for buyers. Replacing light cushions and throws with heavier fabrics and deeper colours can transform the mood of the room. Adding simple accessories like winter-scented candles, or pillar candles to cast a soft warm light, helps create a welcoming seasonal vibe and warm personality.

Time to sell
your home?

Now could be the perfect time. Get in touch to discuss the best strategy for finding you a buyer this winter.

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