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New year resolutions for your home

by Mitchells

Looking to make a change this new year? Why not start with your home?

With the madness of Christmas over and the decorations put away, the start of the new year is a perfect time to get your home back in order. We have compiled a list of achievable and inexpensive New Year’s resolutions to help make your home feel more coordinated and organised for a fresh start to 2024.

Time to
get organised

Every year, we try to stick to an organised and tidy home, but life often gets in the way and clutter starts to take over. We recommend starting small; room by room, ask yourself the important questions of “Do I need this item?” and “Do I use it regularly?”. If the word “no” pops into your head, set the item aside to be donated to charity.

Once you have determined the essential items from the clutter, be sure that each essential item has a proper place that it belongs in that room. This will help keep the room tidy and will allow you to know where everything is kept for when it’s needed.

Green living

Indoor plants are a great way to boost the mood and atmosphere of your home. Research suggests that there are many benefits to having plants dotted throughout the house and your home office, boosting your well-being, creativity, and productivity. As well as improving the air quality in your space, an array of houseplants will provide a relaxed and colourful atmosphere, bringing life to your home.

Give your cupboards a good clean

When was the last time you had a proper clean of your kitchen cupboards? Or sorted the bits on your shelves? We recommend starting the year with a deep clean and rearranging of these spaces that we so often neglect. Toss any items you spot that are out of date or that are no longer needed and give the inside of your cupboards a good scrub, and they’ll soon feel brand new. Get into the habit of using the oldest items first, this way you can avoid a build-up of old and unused items clogging up the space in your cupboards!

Banish the junk drawer!

We all have one; the drawer that inevitably gets filled with random wires, pens, receipts, and other allsorted unorganised items over time and ignored. Start the year by finally banishing the dreaded junk drawer and utilising its space for more important and categorised items.

Who knows what you might find in there!

Recycle, recycle, recycle

Make 2024 the year of recycling. By recycling our materials, we create a healthier environment for ourselves and for future generations. Get into the habit of checking whether rubbish can be recycled, rather than just put into the bin. You could even create different recycling bins; paper and cardboard, glass, and plastic to be recycled at supermarkets.

New year resolutions for your home, with Mitchells, estate agents

Cut your home's carbon footprint

Making your home eco-friendlier is both a great way to help the environment and the cut the costs of your energy bills. There are many simple and inexpensive ways to green-up your household, like composting food, drying your clothes on the line and replacing all the bulbs in your home with LED bulbs.

View our article on energy-efficient home upgrades for more ideas on how to make your home greener!

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