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Add value to your home

by Mitchells

If you’re thinking of selling your home, home improvements are a great way to add to the appearance of your property and improve its market value. Homeowners can add significant value to their property through several improvements, whether it be a lick of paint or a new kitchen; an update is guaranteed to increase a buyer’s appeal. Whether you plan on selling your home soon or simply want to add value to your property, these tips will help you!

Time for a new kitchen

A new kitchen is a great way to increase the value of your property on the market. The Guild of Property Professionals estimates that you could easily add around £15,000 of value with a new kitchen, depending on your location. New worktops, flooring and fittings are guaranteed to increase appeal to potential buyers.

Create some off-road parking

Off-road parking is a must for a lot of buyers. You may want to consider converting your front garden space into a secure, off-road parking spot. It could be the difference between a yes or no at sale time!

Freshen up the décor

Redecorating is one of the most simple and cost-effective ways to make your home more attractive to buyers. Adding a fresh layer of paint can transform a room, providing a positive sensory impact.

Changing up the colours in your living room to a more fitting seasonal palette is guaranteed to create a cosy homely atmosphere and to catch the eyes of potential buyers.

Don't forget the garden

A well-tended and organised outside space can make your home more desirable to buyers. Gardens are a huge asset when adding value to a property, so be sure to take full advantage of this. Be sure to keep grass mowed, bushes and trees trimmed, and any paths swept. Maybe add in some attractive plant pots or fencing.

Remember to put this same energy into your front garden, as this will determine your buyer’s first impression of your property!

Convert a loft or garage

Converting a loft or garage into a living space can increase the value of your home greatly. In most cases, you won’t need any planning permission and is a great way to add extra square footage to your home.

The extra room could be used as a playroom for children or a home office, which is seen as a very valuable asset in today’s modern world of working from home.

Add value with a loft conversion

Turn your home green!

Making your home more environmentally friendly with things like solar panels, good insulation, double-glazed windows, and smart meters will likely increase the appeal of your home to buyers. If your home is cheaper to run, it is guaranteed to stand out on the market.

Energy-efficient homes are seen as more desirable in today’s market, so look to add LED lightbulbs, smart energy meters and a decent boiler for a greener home.

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